Pregnancy Week 9

During pregnancy week 9 the baby is of about 30 mm, and although in this period his or her weight is still quite little, you can be sure that it will increase as the pregnancy progresses.

The changes regarding the baby in the 9th week of pregnancy

This is the time when the internal organs and the limbs develop. By this time the baby will have all the major physical features, including the legs, arms, torso and head.

Another important aspect is that by this time the tail totally disappears. The interesting thing about this period is that the organs and muscles start communicating with each other, and they are able to move individually.

In the previous week the eyelids have formed and during pregnancy week 9 they fuse, remaining closed until week 27. This is an important period of the development of the little one because the sex organs start to develop. Nonetheless the doctors aren’t able to tell the sex of the baby for a long time. By this time the tiny heart has four separated chambers already.

How about the mother?

During the 9th week of pregnancy you may feel more bloated and more tired than you ever did during your pregnancy. In many cases women retain fluid in this period, and this also contributes to them gaining weight.

If this is the case, it will be easy to get rid of the extra weight after giving birth. Because of water retention your weight can vary by 5 pounds in only one day. This is why this might not be the best time to measure your weight every day: you could get stressed by the changes.

The good thing is that the weight that you gain is distributed evenly throughout your body, so you don’t look fat.


During pregnancy week 9 you may experience some mood swings, meaning that you alternate between being happy and anxious. Also you could observe that you cry a lot more often. All this is caused by hormones, and so you should try to keep your mood up as much as possible.

Another thing to expect during pregnancy week 9 is fatigue. During the first trimester the body has to work a lot in order to keep up with all the changes that occur. There is a lot of progesterone produced, making you feel down and blue.