Pregnancy Week 6

Although at the beginning of your pregnancy nothing interesting seems to happen, by the time you get to pregnancy week 6 you can truly see the effects of pregnancy.

What happens to the baby during the 6th week of pregnancy?

Even though it still sounds little, the baby is about 2-5 mm. This may seem small, but the little one looks more and more than a real baby. In this period the eyes will develop in the form of some dark spots, and the nostrils also appear. The little one already has legs and some buds where he or she will have the arms.

When you get to pregnancy week 6 the heart of the baby beats very fast, of about 100-140 times per minute. This way the blood circulates in his or her body, and this can be seen with the help of a vaginal ultrasound.

It is interesting to know that during pregnancy week 6 the reflexes of the baby develop, and he or she is already sensitive to touch. The nervous system develops very fast, just as the muscles in different parts of the body.

You should also know that the babies start to move in the uterus very early, starting with the 6th week, but the majority of women don’t really recognize these movements. Nonetheless in case you have been pregnant before, you may recognize them earlier than the rest of the mothers do.

How does your body change?

By the time you get to the 6th week of pregnancy, you might see that you have gained some weight. This change is usually of about a pound, and the majority of the women gain about 5 pounds during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Of course weight gain varies from one woman to the other, and there are also some women who don’t gain weight, even more, they lose weight in the first trimester. Still the baby will be fine.

It is possible for you to experience some abdominal cramping in this period. If you consider that your symptoms aren’t normal, you should see your health care provider as soon as possible. In case the symptoms get worse, it might indicate that something is not right.

As you can see there is a lot going on during pregnancy week 6 and during this time the mom-to-be has to be alert regarding any of the unnatural symptoms.