Pregnancy Week 5

The most interesting thing about being pregnant is that you can experience new things every week, and so it is just natural to see new things during pregnancy week 5 as well.

Development of the baby during 5th week of pregnancy

In this period the baby is still very small, of only about 1 mm or maybe a little bit longer. During this week the vital organs grow at a very fast pace, including the heart, bones and the nervous system and he or she starts to have a skeleton.

In case you are reading some guides regarding the growth of the baby, you should know that the information presented is estimative, and every baby develops at his or her own pace.

Why is pregnancy week 5 so important?

This is the moment when the heart of the baby starts pumping blood for the first time. Some of the transvaginal ultrasounds can pick it up as early as this week. Nonetheless this usually happens a lot later. The other organs as well starts to develop during this period.

Your body

Even though the people around you might not know that you are in your pregnancy week 5, during this period you could already feel it. In case you have been pregnant before, most probably you recognize the early signs.

In the majority of the cases women see that their abdomen is slightly larger, and this is caused by bloating. You can see your abdomen being more ‘poofy’, but keep in mind that the uterus doesn’t raise until the 14th week.

Because of the signs that appear, some women mistake the symptoms of pregnancy with premenstrual symptoms. In case your period is late, you should try taking a pregnancy test.

There are some complications that women can experience during the 5th week of pregnancy, and some of them could turn out to be fatal for the baby, such as ectopic pregnancy.

This happens when the egg gets implanted outside the uterus. Nonetheless you should know that there are some women who are more prone to such pregnancies, especially in case you had pelvic inflammatory disease.

There are some signs that show you that there is something wrong during pregnancy week 5, like heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea and also abdominal pain. Still you also have to consider that some of these symptoms could also be symptoms of normal pregnancy.