Pregnancy Week 30

By the time you get to pregnancy week 30 the little one is about the size of a cabbage. At this moment there is a lot of amniotic fluid, of about a pint and the half, but this will decrease as the little one gets bigger and will need more space in the uterus.

How’s the baby developing during the 30th week of pregnancy?

The eyesight of the little one gets better, but still he or she keeps the eyes closed most of the time. If he or she opens them, the baby can recognize the changes regarding the intensity of light, but at this moment the eyesight is of about 20/400.

How’s mommy doing?

It is common for women to have some trouble sleeping during pregnancy week 30 and so it is just normal to be feeling tired. Another thing that you might observe is that you are clumsier than usual. This is because you are heavier than usual and your center of gravity is also shifting.

Because of the pregnancy hormones the ligaments are more relaxed, and so are the joints, so there could be some problems with your balance. A downside of this situation is that the ligaments in your feet could relax as well, meaning that you will need bigger shoes and it is possible that you will never go back to your original size.

For sure you still remember that mood swings you have before pregnancy week 30 which is caused by hormonal changes and the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. At this point there are a lot of women who worry about labor and also about whether she will be a good parent. Nonetheless these feelings pass, and in case they don’t, you might want to talk to your caregiver during the 30th week of pregnancy.

You should monitor your mood closely because there are some women who face depression while being pregnant. Other symptoms that you should tell your caregiver about include nervousness and anxiety.

An important decision that you have to make includes the location and the method of delivering. The traditional solution is to give birth in a hospital, but there are also some women who prefer to give birth at home. No matter which one you choose during pregnancy week 30 you still have a lot of time to gather more information and maybe make some additional research.