Pregnancy Week 27

For some reason in the majority of the cases people compare the size of babies to fruits and vegetables, and you should know that during pregnancy week 27 the baby is about the size of the head of a cauliflower.

What is the baby up to during the 27th week of pregnancy?

It is interesting to know that in this period the little one sleeps and wakes up at regular intervals. When waking up he or she opens her eyes and maybe even sucks his or her fingers. There is more brain tissue developing, and the brain in this period is more active than before.

The lungs of the baby aren’t developed yet, they might be able to function with the help of the medical equipment. From this point on, you could experience rhythmical movements of the baby, and this is caused by hiccups that get more and more common. An episode lasts only for a few seconds, and they don’t bother yet.

How’s the mother doing this week?

You are getting close to the end of your second trimester when you get to pregnancy week 27, and there are some new symptoms that you may be experiencing. Having an aching back is nothing new, but now you could also have leg muscle cramps from time to time.

This is because they have to carry more weight and there is more pressure on the veins that are transporting the blood from the legs to the heart, not to mention the nerves that are connecting the legs and the trunk.

The bad news is that the muscle cramps will worsen after pregnancy week 27. Although they usually appear during the night, you can also experience them during the day too. If you are faced with having a muscle cramp, you could make it better if you stretch the muscle of the calf.

Some of the aspects that you should consider during the 27th week of pregnancy include post-partum care and also family planning.

Another thing that you have to be thinking about is gestational diabetes. It isn’t late to have a glucose screening test to know whether you are at risk. This is a condition that can be kept under control and that goes away after you give birth. In case it isn’t treated, it might cause several different kinds of complications after pregnancy week 27 and also during delivery.