Pregnancy Week 24

Since last week, the little one gains about 4 ounces, and so he or she is about a pound during pregnancy week 24. The baby looks more human than ever and the wrinkles start to get filled out with body fat, plumming up.

Changes in the baby during the 24th week of pregnancy

The body of the little one gets more proportional, and the brain also develops. It’s not only the brain, but also the tasting buds get more and more developed as well.

Although before this time the lungs haven’t been that developed, now there are ‘branches’ getting formed of the respiratory ‘tree’, not to mention the production of surfactant that will help the baby breathe after getting born. During pregnancy week 24 the baby’s skin is still quite translucent, but this is going to change pretty soon.

The Changes in the mother’s life

In the last period that uterus has raised to the upper part of the abdomen, and now it is larger than ever, of about the size of a football. This is the moment when the majority of women get a glucose screening test. This test is performed to see whether the mother has been affected by gestational diabetes or not.

In case the mother has this condition and it is left untreated she will have difficulties delivering, and she might need a caesarian section not being able to deliver naturally. The condition will make the baby grow larger than normally, mostly in his upper body.

Another complication of the condition during pregnancy week 24 is that the blood sugar level of the baby could be too low after getting born. If you take the test and it is positive that doesn’t mean that you actually have the condition, but that you will need another test known as glucose tolerance test.

If you get to the 24th week of pregnancy and you don’t know to recognize the signs of preterm labor, this is the perfect moment to learn about them.

During this period it is possible that you have to deal with back pain because of the high pressure that there is on your back, caused by the increase of your weight and because your center of gravity has shifted, not to mention the fact that your uterus has grown as well. You have to go through all this during pregnancy week 24.