Pregnancy Week 23

Pregnancy week 23 might be the perfect moment to dance. Why? Because by now the baby has developed a sense of movement and he or she will actually be able to sense you moving. Also you should know that the size of the baby is of the size of a larger mango.

How’s the little one doing during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

The lungs and the blood vessels already prepare for the breathing of the little one. As you may know at this point he or she is able to hear sounds from the outside world and the ears prepare for the life in the real world. Before, in case of loud noises you could feel the baby move, but now he or she gets used to these sounds, and there is less reaction.

How about the mother?

When you get to pregnancy week 23 you can see your ankles and feet swell because of the higher level of pressure, especially if you are pregnant during the summer. Swelling is caused by water retention caused by sluggish circulation and blood chemistry change.

Your body will get rid of all this extra fluid; this is why you will have to empty your bladder more often after giving birth and you will also sweat more.

While being pregnant you could try lying on your left side or putting your legs up. Also it could help to stretch your legs out before you sit down and you shouldn’t be standing or sitting in the same place for a longer period of time.

Another good idea may be to get some exercise because this way you can improve blood circulation. In order to make the 23rd week of pregnancy easier you should opt for those shoes that offer you a high level of comfort.

In some cases women would prefer not to consume fluids so that they wouldn’t have swollen feet, but water is very important in your situation, so this is a bad idea.

During pregnancy week 23 you could experience some discomfort when sleeping, and according to a lot of women these problems could diminish in case you start using a pregnancy pillow. There are several different kinds to choose from, including the ones coming in J, C, or U shape.

As you can see there are a lot of changes during pregnancy week 23 that might be of interest for you.