Pregnancy Week 22

Although before pregnancy week 22 the baby didn’t really look human, now he or she looks a lot like a normal newborn. The facial features become more accentuated, such as the lips, eyebrows, eyes and the tooth buds form under the gums.

Development of the baby during the 22nd pregnancy week

It is interesting to know that although by this time the eyes of the little one are formed, the irises, that give the color of the eyes still have no color. In case you would be able to see the baby at this stage, you would see lanugo covering his or her body, and you should also know that there are some wrinkles on the body, until they will be filled by body fat.

Another important aspect of the development of the baby is that the pancreas develops, which is very important for hormone production.

The changing life of the mother

During pregnancy week 22 the majority of the people around you would like to touch your belly. In case you don’t like this, you should tell people, and for sure they would understand. In case some people say that you look smaller or bigger than you should at this stage, you should keep in mind that every woman develops at her own pace.

Nonetheless it is important to visit your health care provider to make sure that everything is going normally.

One of the major changes of pregnancy week 22 is that you might observe stretch marks on your skin. Usually these appear around the abdomen because the skin has to stretch to accommodate the little one.

About half the pregnant women experience stretch marks until they give birth. These marks could have different colors, ranging from pink to brown. There are some other places as well where these could appear, including your buttocks, hips, thighs, breasts and arms.

There is no actual proof that the lotions can prevent their appearance during pregnancy week 22, and so the best thing you can do is to keep the skin moisturized.

The changes of the body

One of the things that you could observe during the 22nd week of pregnancy is that you have more hair. The truth is that you don’t grow more hair, you are just losing less. You should enjoy this stage, and maybe this is the time to get the haircut that you always wanted.