Pregnancy Week 21

Pregnancy week 21 is a very important stage of the life of the baby, and you should know that by this time the size of the little one is about the size of a smaller banana. He or she is going to continue to grow at a relatively fast pace during this week.

What is going on with the baby during the 21st week of pregnancy?

One of the changes that happen during this week is that the digestive system of the little one develops and matures. This is the week when the intestines contract and relax. In order to help with the development of the digestive tract, the baby swallows amniotic fluid from time to time.

It happens quite often that the women experience some rhythmic movement during this week in their abdomen. This is caused by the fact that the little one starts hiccupping.

Although at first this sounds a bit strange, a lot of babies hiccup during pregnancy and this isn’t something that should get alarmed by during pregnancy week 21, but it is something rather common.

If it is the case, you will feel these repetitive movements, and they don’t last longer than a few minutes. It is just natural that as the baby grows, the movements will become stronger. In case of some babies hiccupping can happen on a daily basis.

How about the changes in your life?

During pregnancy week 21 the body produces a bigger amount of oil, and this is why you might experience acne, or even the worsening of the symptom. In order to take care of the problem, you should be cleansing your face twice a day with a mild cleanser, moisturize the skin and use makeup that is oil free.

Although it may be tempting, you should avoid taking any medications, because they could be dangerous for the baby.

Another thing that you should know regarding your symptoms is that varicose veins could also appear during the 21st week of pregnancy. This is because through the progression of your pregnancy there is more and more pressure on the legs, and the veins in the legs. If you happen to have high progesterone levels, these relax the walls of the veins even more, making the problem worse.

You are more prone to have varicose veins during pregnancy week 21 in case other family members have them as well.