Pregnancy Week 20

When you get to pregnancy week 20, the length of the baby is of about the length of a plantain. Weeks go by very fast, right?

What happens to the baby during the 20th week of pregnancy?

From this moment on, the size of the baby will be determined by the ultrasound through different kinds of measurements. This way the health care provider will know whether the baby is developing normally.

Although before the baby has been breathing and swallowing only from time to time, now these actions become regular. Also the baby becomes fuller and the head becomes more proportional with the rest of the body.

Before pregnancy week 20 the skin of the little one has been quite transparent, but now it becomes more complex, being formed of different layers. During this period, lanugo also appears on the skin of the little one, but this will disappear once the little one is born.

Although the baby is a lot more developed than before, he or she is still quite skinny and has only little body fat.

The most important thing about this period is that this is the time when the teeth of the baby appear. Naturally we are referring only to teeth buds that can be found under the gums. Of course the little one will have teeth only after getting born.

At pregnancy week 20, the stomach, abdominal organs, liver and intestines can be found in the abdominal cavity.

Changes regarding the mother

In this period it is very difficult to hide your pregnancy, and strangers also observe it. It is possible that by this time the belly button pops out. During the 20th week of pregnancy most probably you will get another ultrasound, and so you will be able to find out whether you are going to have a son or a daughter. This way it will be easier for you to decide upon the decorations for the nursery.

In the majority of the cases this is the time when women start feeling the movements of the baby for the first time. Nonetheless you should also know that in some cases it takes some time to actually recognize these movements. Just remember not to be impatient, in the end you will feel it too.

During pregnancy week 20 you might experience skin darkening, mask of pregnancy, Braxton Hicks contractions, and also light headedness or dizziness. All these are normal.