Pregnancy Week 18

Can you imagine how fast the baby is growing? When you get to pregnancy week 18 the little one is already as long as a banana and weighs about 7 ounces. Can you imagine that only a month ago the weight has only been of 1 ounce?

How the baby develops during the 18th week of pregnancy?

For a long time the placenta has been larger than the baby, but now things change. The baby got larger than the placenta, and he or she goes on growing. Naturally the placenta grows as well, but not as fast as the little one.

By this time the heart of the baby is developed enough to show any signs of defects, if it is the case. Such abnormalities are recognized with the help of ultrasounds during pregnancy week 18.

You should know that the majority of the babies don’t have any health issues in the moment when they get born. Still if the ultrasound picks up on something that isn’t normal, you can plan ahead the actions that need to be taken.

Myelin that offers protection to the nerves starts to develop during this week. Another change that happens during this week is that the genitals get developed, but still you aren’t able to know the sex of the baby for a few more weeks.

The lungs of the baby are also quite developed, but they won’t be fully functional until your pregnancy will reach full term. At this moment the trachea divides into two bronchi. In ten weeks these will also divide into more bronchioles.

By the 18th week of pregnancy the outer ear of the baby gets developed and so he or she can pick up sounds. This is why you shouldn’t be surprised if the little one has a reaction if there is some loud noise.

How does the mother evolve during this week?

During pregnancy week 18 you will feel the movements of the baby for the first time if you haven’t been pregnant before. These might be mistaken for something else as well, but later you will get used to the little movements.

Nonetheless in case you place someone else’s hand on your belly during pregnancy week 18, they could not feel anything. Keep in mind that in this period it is very important to keep interacting with the baby through your voice. You shouldn’t be ashamed to talk to your belly and the baby.