Pregnancy Week 16

By the time you get to pregnancy week 16 the size of the baby is similar with the size of a smaller mango. At this moment the weight is of 3.5 pounds, and in the following weeks this will get doubled.

The development of the little one during the 16th week of pregnancy

One of the most important things to know regarding this period is that the facial muscles are developed enough for the baby to be able to frown, grimace or to make other faces. Nonetheless the baby doesn’t really have control over these muscles now, but this will change pretty soon.

The posture of the little one changes a bit in this period, because he or she is able to hold the head a bit higher than before. The eyes also change their location, getting to the place where they are going to stay. The ears are doing the same thing, finding the right place on the sides of the head.

Pregnancy week 16 marks the moment when the hair starts growing on the little ones head. Nonetheless you won’t know the color of the hair until the baby gets born.

When the little one gets to this age, the umbilical cord is already firmly attached to the belly. This is the way that the baby gets all the nutrients. From this point on the heart starts pumping blood, which is quite remarkable given the fact that he or she is smaller than a grapefruit.

Mommy’s development during this week

During pregnancy week 16 you can kiss goodbye to your waistline. Still you shouldn’t worry about it, because it will come back one day. The truth is that the majority of pregnant women don’t really care about this aspect.

It is true that you can go on wearing your usual clothes for a few weeks, but the 16th week of pregnancy might be the perfect moment to start shopping for pregnancy clothes.

In case this isn’t your first pregnancy, you will look bigger than the other women who are at their first pregnancy. Nonetheless you can be sure to find some clothes that will be good for you.

Symptoms you experience during this week

When you are in your pregnancy week 16, there are some symptoms that you may experience such as the morning glow, faster growing toenails and fingernails, nasal congestion, more vaginal discharge, and the best of them all is that you could also feel the little one moving inside your belly.