Pregnancy Week 14

During pregnancy week 14 the size of the baby is about of a small guava fruit. Nonetheless it still sounds small, right?

How’s the baby doing during the 14th week of pregnancy?

During this week the baby goes on growing, and at this moment he or she gets the majority of the nutrients from the placenta. The yolk sac that has been providing the nutrients to him or her at the beginning, totally disappears by now.

Before the baby looked like a small alien, but by this time it gets more proportional. Still the head is of about half the size of the body, but the body slowly catches up. The neck gets longer and the chin rises from the chest.

Pregnancy week 14 is the first time when your health care provider can actually feel the fundus, which is the upper part of the uterus. From this time on he or she will always feel it, to make sure that the baby is growing at a normal rate.

The eyes have been quite wide apart, but now they move closer, and the ears also take their place on the sides of the head. This is the week when the eyebrows start to grow, and in a little time the baby will have a recognizable face.

What’s up with mommy?

Your belly is bigger than before, but you shouldn’t expect to look too pregnant. Nonetheless in case you have twins or multiples, for sure you have a nice round belly by now.

It’s not only the belly that is growing during pregnancy week 14, but the breasts as well. They become fuller and larger every day. For sure your partner likes this change, but most probably you don’t since your breasts are still quite tender and sore.

It is possible to be emotional during the 14th week of pregnancy and in case you feel that you are getting anxious, you just have to remember to relax, because everything will be fine. Being emotional is more than normal, and it happens because of the hormones that the body is producing, not to mention all the things that having a baby means.

To make it easier to go through pregnancy week 14, you should try talking to a close relative or a close friend who understands you and who has already been through an experience of this kind.