Pregnancy Week 13

When you get to pregnancy week 13, the baby can already be compared to a nectarine, both in size and weight. Although he or she is a lot bigger than during the previous week, the baby is still really small.

Development of the baby during the 13th week of pregnancy

Although the head of the little is still huge compared to the rest of the body, the body also catches up. The arms and legs become longer, offering the baby a more humane shape.

An interesting thing to know is that the muscle control of the little one also gets developed in this stage. Now he or she has only little control, this will increase in the following weeks.

Until pregnancy week 13 the eyes of the baby have been located on the sides of the head, but now they move closer. Before you know it they will be in the place where they should be. During this week another thing happens: the toes get separated into freestanding digits and they are all of the same length. Now the ankles also get developed.

It is interesting to know that during pregnancy week 13 the skin of the baby is still pretty transparent, and this is because there is no underlying fat yet. This gets built in the second trimester, and so the skin won’t be see-through anymore.

The intestines also develop at this stage, even more, the pancreas of the baby starts producing insulin that is used for regulating the blood sugar level. There are also some changes in the brain: the two hemispheres  get connected. Since the brain gets more developed, soon the little one will be able to control his or her movements. In ten weeks the brain will be fully developed.

Changes in mom’s life

Reaching the 13th week of pregnancy is something major because this means that you are over your first trimester. The second trimester is considered to be the best of them all. Good news is that the chances of suffering miscarriage are very small, their majority happens during the first 12 weeks.

Although you might have been worried before that you don’t show that you are pregnant, now you certainly do show. At this time you don’t need maternity clothes yet, and the best thing about pregnancy week 13 is that the time of morning sicknesses is over.