Pregnancy Week 10

The cutest thing during pregnancy week 10 is to consider that the baby you are carrying inside is of about the size of a kiwi, and the weight is also about the same.

Changes regarding the baby during 10th week of pregnancy

There are some times when the baby develops at a faster pace than in others. While until this moment the baby has been referred to as an embryo, from now on you can refer to it as a fetus. When you get to this period you can lay back because the chances for malformations or birth defects decrease considerably.

Pregnancy week 10 is a critical one

You should know that the little one is still sensitive regarding toxins, but the most dangerous period has already passed. Before, there have been higher chances for congenital malformations.

Although the most critical period has passed, you should still make sure that you aren’t exposed to any toxins during this time, such as second hand smoking. It is important to avoid such situations during pregnancy week 10.

You shouldn’t be ashamed to ask people around you to stop exercising habits that might be dangerous for the baby.

This is the time when the internal organs of the little one develop at the fastest pace. The liver, kidney, intestines and heart get formed. There are some other things that grow as well, such as toenails and hair. By the end of this week the little one could start swallowing and also kicking.

What to expect regarding your body?

At this moment you may feel pregnant, but you may not look pregnant. Also there are some women who feel more fat than pregnant.

The changes that occur

In case you would like to have photographic evidence of your belly from week to week, the 10th pregnancy week is the perfect time to start taking those pictures. It is an important milestone in the life of women because this could be the first time that you can hear the heartbeat of the little one in the office of the doctor.

In case your partner didn’t accompany you to the doctor’s office, you might encourage him to do so during pregnancy week 10, so that he will get used to the entire process. It is important for him to know the doctor and also the things that are going on with you.